Give Wellness

Do not you know what to give? Surprise your partner, friend or relative with a massage or wellness circuit and be delighted. You can choose from several treatments, massages or wellness circuit that we offer in our brochure.

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Once our reservations department receives your request, they will send you a link via SMS to the indicated telephone number to make the online payment of the chosen voucher. Once paid, the gift voucher will be sent in pdf format to the email indicated above.

Do you now the benefits of facilities?

The average temperature of our water it is 33º C.
Our water is treated by electrolysis Salina (reaction between salt and water, it is the most complete system currently) Helping to prevent itching and eye irritation.

Dña Monse Wellness circuit offers:

Waterbed: or wirlpool seat it help you to relax the muscles of your back and your legs.

Swan´s necks and waterfall: The swan´s necks and waterfall help you to relax the neck´s musculature and your back frecuenly contracturated by the tensions.

Jets leg massagers: It helps you to activate your circulation and relaxing your legs.

Jacuzzi: The wirlpool has calming effect and anti-inflammatory. It helps you to feel better, and activate your blood circulation.

Volcano: It helps you relaxing your circulation.

Hot bank:It helps you to relax your muscles and stretch them.

Finnish Sauna: The purpose of the sauna is to provide head to the body and making sweat. In the Finnish sauna we use dry heat around 85-90 degrees while humidity does not reach 15%. It helps you to eliminate toxins through the sweat of your skin, improves breathing, flows mucus and recovers the muscles after exercise.

Turkish sauna: The purpose of the Turkish sauna use the head to produce body benefits, the temperature is around 45-50 degrees depending of the height humidity is 99%, in this kind of sauna the heat is generated by warming water and evaporate it in the steam room. Steam produces dilation of the pores, this eliminate toxins.

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