Conditions of our WELLNESS CENTER

To use the Spa is obligatory the use of swimsuit, bathing cap, flip-flop’s and towels.

It’s prohibited that clients go for the hotel with bathrobe, towel or clothes of bath. They must get to the spa dressed and they will be able to change into the changing room.

It’s strictly forbidden introduced metallic objects, glasses or plastic inside the facilities.

We recommend to come 10 minutes before the reservation of your treatment.

The minimal age to realize the circuit is 3 years. The minors between the age of 3 and 12 just will be able to use the spa with paternal or mother assent signed or accompanied by an adult with reservation.

The Spa has a series of contraindications that it is necessary to know and to be able to be counter-productive for people with some type of disease (asthma, bronchitis, arrhythmias … etc.) and even pregnant women. We try to promote a peaceful and harmony atmosphere, SO PLEASE SILENCE, respect other clients.

Must be used properly the access areas like the stairs to enter into water area, and the use of the showers before entering into the pool.

The Spa staff is at your disposal for whatever questions you may have.

It is not allowed to run inside the installations, the floor is permanently wet.

Breach of the procedure of the rules of Spa will be reason enough to cancel immediately the entrance.

You are not allowed to entry cameras, videos and mobile phones.

Smoke, eat or drink at the Spa is not permitted.

The entry to people will not be allowed under the effects of the alcohol and / or drugs.

For hygiene clients should put a towel over benches and back.

Any person who accesses to the SPA installations accepts its rules of procedure.

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